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 3Pieces of microfiber cloth for facial cleansing and makeup removal - reusable  ORGANIC FACIAL CLEANSING CLOTHES - Environmentally friendly plush clothFeternal Makeup Remover Pads easily peel off all makeup, creams, sunscreen and cosmetics when wet.Multifunctional organic cotton round pad..
3.500 OMR
Effective shampoo in alleviating hair loss and fighting dandruff. Moisturizing, rich in a mixture of precious natural elements, free of sulfates, parabens, and silicones.  Ingredients: Argan oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil, linseed oil, avocado extractSuitable for all hair typesHow to use: Apply ..
10.000 OMR
HighlightsSturdy handles with soft and comfortable grip helps in easy applicationSpecialized brushes to create professional makeup looksSoft-bristles feel comfortable on skinGives better coverage than fingers and a very natural finishOverview About the product:Soft-synthetic fibre bristles leav..
8.000 OMR
ORGANIC FACIAL CLEANSING PADS - Compared to microfiber facial rounders, makeup wipes, and oily makeup remover solutions, our reusable cotton makeup cleansing pads contain no chemicals, no harsh fibers, extra fluffy cotton and hypoallergenic for all sensitive skin types . at the same timeFeternal Mak..
2.000 OMR
Product features:Five types of brushesOne set meets your daily makeup needsSoft bristles, soft and elastic, good grip, storage, bright makeup anytime, anywhere- A large powder brushEye shadow brushLip brushContour Brush: Can be used to remove excess mascara- eyebrow combing brush,..
3.000 OMR
Experience the transformative power of our Moroccan Bath Whitening and Peeling Cream. This remarkable cream is specially formulated to rejuvenate your skin, gently exfoliating and brightening for a radiant complexion. Infused with nourishing Moroccan ingredients, it deeply cleanses and moisturizes, ..
6.000 OMR
Frankincense Al Hajri oil collection For skin care hair care Aromatherapy massage..
10.000 OMR
It consists of 12 colors suitable for all skin tones.It blends seamlessly with your foundation or directly onto your complexion to create a professional complexion look with ease...
3.000 OMR
Double Touch Lipstick from Rose BerryLong-wearing liquid lipstick in two stepsRose Berry Loose Setting Powder - BeigeA loose powder for the face with a transparent and light texture that is relatively light reflective, to give you a silky smooth texture.It fixes makeup and reduces unwanted skin shin..
4.500 OMR
COLORS BLUSH PALETTE:-The blush palette has 8 colors to choose from, with a matte texture, which can create different styles of makeup. It can add a natural matte finish to your skin toneNATRUAL MINERAL FORMULA - The powder is fine, does not block the pores, allows the skin to breathe freely, contai..
3.500 OMR
5.500 OMR
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