You can now design your store and profit from it

The design of your store in Yeti depends on providing selling tools for merchants and sellers. Merchants here are merchants who own officially registered commercial activities or individuals who have a desire to sell their products on the Yeti store. All merchants have been given the opportunity to display and sell their products through free registration and access On a separate sub-store for each merchant that contains selling and shipping tools, following up orders received from customers, managing products and vouchers

And a support card system is available inside the store to make it easier for you to support customers directly and many features can be disabled according to your vision as the store manager.

A summary of your store’s working mechanism is to provide tools for selling, shipping, managing products and profits through an independent control panel for you, through which you can sell within your trading platform with ease and without complications, as you do not need experience because it works in the Arabic language and contains the intuitive selling tools.

Profiting from your store is very easy, due to the diversity of profit sources, and we will review together the most important methods of profit, which are

  1. Operation of the commission marketing system
  2. Provide various coupons and discount vouchers
  3. Selling advertising space within product categories
  4. Provide the advantage of promoting products to become featured in the top sections
  5. Creating new collaborations with brands
  6. Wholesale products
  7. Selling digital products
  8. Provide paid marketing to increase sales