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Rechargeable trimmer is simple and easy to use. Provides clean and fast trim and saves time. Suitable for all daily needs.600Ma lithium battery provides 3 hours of use when fully charged.Fast charging up to 90% of power in 1.5 hours. Battery is fully charged in 2 hours. Sleek and ergonomic design fi..
8.000 OMR
Travel Hair Dryer with sharp, stylish design. Perfect for drying and protecting your hair, and creating smooth hairstyles however you want it, whenever you want it. Suitable for almost all types of hair.2 speeds & 2 heat settings available. Can be easily set according to your preference, helping..
8.500 OMR
Key FeaturesProduct with smart attachments to suit programs designed for each body area(1Case studies show up to 92% hair reduction after 3 applications(2After 12 treatment sessions, you can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin for up to six months(3 .).Do the first four sessions every two weeks and the nex..
290.000 OMR
 3Pieces of microfiber cloth for facial cleansing and makeup removal - reusable  ORGANIC FACIAL CLEANSING CLOTHES - Environmentally friendly plush clothFeternal Makeup Remover Pads easily peel off all makeup, creams, sunscreen and cosmetics when wet.Multifunctional organic cotton round pad..
3.500 OMR
HighlightsSturdy handles with soft and comfortable grip helps in easy applicationSpecialized brushes to create professional makeup looksSoft-bristles feel comfortable on skinGives better coverage than fingers and a very natural finishOverview About the product:Soft-synthetic fibre bristles leav..
8.000 OMR
2-in-1 Ceramic Styler Dryer & Styler Black/Beige 2-in-1 Ceramic Styler Dryer & Styler Black/Beige
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Advantages:The size allows easy portabilityExcellent product design that prevents hair breakageHigh quality material ensures durabilityFor best results; It is preferable to apply a serum or shampoo to dry hair before using the device.A product with three primary functions in one, allowing you to blo..
18.000 OMR
ORGANIC FACIAL CLEANSING PADS - Compared to microfiber facial rounders, makeup wipes, and oily makeup remover solutions, our reusable cotton makeup cleansing pads contain no chemicals, no harsh fibers, extra fluffy cotton and hypoallergenic for all sensitive skin types . at the same timeFeternal Mak..
2.000 OMR
Adopting dual frequency transmission technology and rotation technology, which can perfectly massage your facial skin to clean the facial pores,blackhead and cutin without hurting your skinDetachable design allows you change the different massager head and uninstall them for easy clean and wash5 mul..
3.000 OMR
5 in 1 Detachable Multi Head Hot Air Comb 5 in 1 Detachable Multi Head Hot Air Comb
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5 in 1 Hair Dryer Styling Tool: Hot Air Brush Dryer for Women comes with five interchangeable brush attachments that make straightening and curling, combining hair drying and styling brushes, can fit different hair lengths and create different styles.SAFE AND CONVENIENT: The hot air straightener fea..
12.000 OMR 12.000 OMR
Key FeaturesEffectively fills and moisturizes the delicate areas of the eyesRich in flower extracts that provide a soothing, moisturizing and lightening effectIt gives a tightening and soothing effect to your skinWorks to tighten and revitalize the skin around the eyesTreats wrinkles and dark circle..
4.900 OMR
HighlightsAdvanced sharp blade with precise clearance and copper motor ensures low noise trimmingPrecision carbon-steel cutting blades stay sharp and longer to cut all hair typesAdjustable taper lever allows customisation of cutting lengthsHigh quality lithium batteryRechargable battery, easy to use..
12.000 OMR
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