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HighlightsComfortable cushion against hard surfacesThicker non-slip mat is good for all types of yoga and exercisesMoisture-resistant surface is easy to clean after useMade with high quality material ensure durabilitySuper lightweight and easy to carry around and store..
7.000 OMR
HighlightsBuilds muscle density and sculpts abdominal, obliques, shoulders, arms, back and coreHighly advised for toning your lower body muscles, along with thighs and legsPerfect total workout for all fitness levels, from beginner to advancedErgonomic handle provides superior gripShape your abs eff..
10.000 OMR
Immediate delivery of the product from Sheinage: 13-14 years ..
2.530 OMR
Immediate delivery of the product from SheinProduct number: 14884327age: 11-12 years ..
3.300 OMR
Immediate delivery of the product from Shein Product number: 17248026Shirt and shorts togetherAge: 10 years..
3.300 OMR
Advantages: Provides a wide range of motion, strength and muscle growth Designed for custom workouts and progressive build up Designed for speed and endurance training..
40.000 OMR
Advantages: Electrical muscle stimulation applies muscle-to-muscle transfer Stimulates muscle movement and makes it in a state of training Slim and lightweight design you can train your muscles not only in the gym but also at home and office..
7.000 OMR
Advantages:The design and production of fitness equipment for special weight bench, the bench was designed after consulting a professional trainer. You need a sturdy seat, not a one-month seat. 10.6 inch soft foam padding, upgraded backrest and seat are made of leather and filled with soft foam padd..
50.000 OMR
Advantages: A product with a precision-engineered design that provides a superior level of service Elegantly crafted to give a higher level of functionality and efficiency Provides a wide range of motion, strength and muscle growth Product designed for customized workouts and for progressive dev..
70.000 OMR
Advantages: Rubber feet keep the device firmly in place Product with a grooved footbed surface that prevents your feet from slipping It exercises your entire body to help burn calories Helps improve cardiovascular fitness and strengthen the lower body Quality construction resists corrosion and ..
38.000 OMR
Automatic treadmill Automatic treadmill
-48 % Pre-Order
Maximum user weight 100kgRunning area 44 * 16 inches01-12 km/hVariable speed exercisesWalking 1-5 km/hourRun 6-9 km/hRun 10-12 km/h..
105.000 OMR 200.000 OMR
Back orthopedic massager Back orthopedic massager
-50 %
Key Features• Adjustable bracket with multiple levels for better accessibility• Improves flexibility in the shoulder and back muscles• A product that helps you correct your sitting posture and massage the lower back..
3.000 OMR 6.000 OMR
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