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Coffee machines

Key FeaturesProduct features a compact design that facilitates the process of filling and pouringA classic and attractive product, such a package can be a great addition to your modern kitchenComes with a heat-sealed element and a power indicatorExcellent for boiling water more quickly and safely wh..
44.500 OMR
Basic featuresIt automatically brews up to 5 cups of Turkish and Greek coffee at a time and pours directly into the cupReady-to-coffee sound and LED indicatorCapacity: 5 cupsSpecial Features: Programmable..
27.000 OMR
Nespresso Coffee Machine Black Color With 50 Coffee Capsules 0.7 Liter 1255 Watt Nespresso Coffee Machine Black Color With 50 Coffee Capsules 0.7 Liter 1255 Watt
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Key FeaturesThe 19 bar pump ensures optimal extraction of different types of coffee and features a precision-engineered exterior, which promotes extensive useInnovative design product that is compact in size, durable and highly efficient. And you can adjust the water temperature to get the perfect c..
52.800 OMR 96.000 OMR
1.25L Filter Coffee Maker 600W 1.25L Filter Coffee Maker 600W
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ENJOY PEACEFUL COFFEE TIMEThe smart coffeemaker will not make a noise because of the special material, glass carafe and removable filter basket included, unlike metal carafe which may generate unbearable scratching noises as you push the filter down.AUTOMATIC SHUTOFFThe coffee maker has two safety t..
10.000 OMR 20.000 OMR
Using the ideal water temperature and gentle air pressure brewing yields rich flavor with lower acidity and without bitterness.Total immersion brewing results in uniform extraction of the ultimate in full coffee flavor. Other coffee makers drip hot water on bed of grounds, over extracting at the cen..
18.500 OMR
Rapid, total immersion brewing process makes delicious full flavored coffee without bitternessMakes 1 to 3 cups per pressing in about one minuteBrews regular American style coffeeBrews espresso style coffee for use in lattes and other espresso based drinksMicrofilter means no grit in your cup (unlik..
17.000 OMR
All-in-one coffee machine 150ml 850W All-in-one coffee machine 150ml 850W
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Key Features• Preparing a variety of coffee drinks such as cappuccino, espresso, coffee with milk and others• Rotating steam flow allows you to froth milk for cappuccino and latte• You can heat up your drinks when needed• A product that comes with a safety lock and an included scale so your coffee d..
35.000 OMR 50.000 OMR
HighlightsPOWER - 750W Power Ideal for Use in Home and OfficesCAPACITY - 125L glass carafe with easy-grip handle for comfortable pouringEFFECTIVE - Up to 10 cups marking on water reservoir & carafe for accurate measurements for water and coffeeCONVENIENT - Drip stop mechanism to prevent spillage..
15.000 OMR
Double serve drip Coffee Maker 0.25 L 450 W Double serve drip Coffee Maker 0.25 L 450 W
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Enjoy a fresh brew whenever you need it with the Krypton coffee maker. Highly portable and compact, the two-cup coffee maker offers hassle-free maintenance and cleaning. This coffee maker is backed by a 450W motor which means, it can function optimally without burdening you with high electricity bil..
9.000 OMR 17.000 OMR
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