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Key FeaturesProduct with smart attachments to suit programs designed for each body area(1Case studies show up to 92% hair reduction after 3 applications(2After 12 treatment sessions, you can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin for up to six months(3 .).Do the first four sessions every two weeks and the nex..
290.000 OMR
Mini Handheld Laser Hair Remover Pink-docooler Mini Handheld Laser Hair Remover Pink-docooler
Delivery within 48 hours -60 %
HighlightsA product that effectively reduces hair growth on the face and bodyComfortable, easy-to-grip handle for optimal controlCovers more skin with each stroke for faster hair removalArtfully crafted and proven to deliver the highest level of performance and efficiencyA device with a voltage of 1..
12.000 OMR 30.000 OMR
Unique Ice Compress Function:Our body hair removal built-in ice compress plate maintain the skin surface between 32 ~ 41℉, calm down your skin and reduce redness and swell. Easy to operate, turn on the ice cooling function, you can enjoy doing hair removal and cooling care at the same time.500,000 F..
48.000 OMR
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